Meet Terri

Uncertain ancestry:  Terri clearly has a lot of terrier in her, but who knows what else.  Her fur is more like sparse, wiry hair, and she is curiously bare on her undercarriage.  For all I know, there could be a little Chinese Crested in the mix.  She has a brindle pattern with dark ears and a big spot on her lower back.

Terri Guren

Yesterday evening, I take her for a walk over to a park on the far side of Givat Ram.  It is a place where dog people hang out, and that evening proves to be no exception. There is a small group of people accompanied by a large German Shepherd, a Pug, and a few in-between mixed breeds.  I can tell that Terri wants to play, but she is unsure, and the German Shepherd looks a bit aggressive.

This morning we head out in the other direction.  I keep Terri on her leash until we get to the open expanse that leads to the Karmiel Trail (the part that goes around the Rabin neighborhood).  She trots happily, doing her business and never getting too far away from me.  Partway along the trail is another park, and we meet Donny, a massive Lab mix with a scull the size of a basketball.  “Is he friendly?” I call.  His human assures me that Donny is a big marshmallow.  I give Terri the nod and she takes off.  Within ten seconds, the two dogs are best friends, tearing up and down the park like lunatics.  It is the first time that I have seen Terri in a full-out run, and I am astonished as she actually becomes airborne.  She reminds me of those little dogs who run the complicated obstacle courses. 

After an energetic romp, we part ways with Donny and continue our walk.  We eventually get home muddy and tired.  So much for yesterday’s bath!  Terri has a long drink and I have to coax her to eat (she still only wants to eat if we hold the food in our hands). 


3 responses to “Meet Terri

  1. scull???

    tsk tsk…………

  2. Bare on her undercarriage you say? Seems like a PERFECT match for Nadine—a pair of bald-belly bookends, you have there. A lemon dog to go with your lemon cat!

    None of MY cats are bald—ahem—anymore.

    Actually, Terri looks kinda cute, even if she is a dog. 🙂


  3. Very cute, if scrawny. But what does Nadine make of this wiry new interloper? Better not feed Terri like you do Nadine, with chocolate pudding and brie, or before you know it you’ll have two blubber balls on your hands!

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