Return of Miss Doggie!

I have another kid:  We find the little doggie again today!  No lost chances this time—she’s already been to the vet, had her shots, a check-up, and the start of a flea treatment.  She then picked out a snazzy red collar, a new water dish, some treats, and a rawhide chew toy.  She’s been eating well, and she was a very good girl as I gave her a much-needed bath and brush.  Her name is Terri (yes, she’s a terrier of some sort, so go ahead and groan).  She’s full grown but skinny, so we’ll probably plumpen her up a bit from her current 7.5 kilos.  Keep in mind that Nadine weighs about 7 kilos! 

Stay tuned for Terri pictures!


2 responses to “Return of Miss Doggie!

  1. How is Her Highness enjoying her new sister?

  2. I’m so happy you found her again! Be careful that Terri doesn’t become too fat. Dogs tend to over eat, especially when it comes to treats.

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