Still Alive

Had you wondering, there: I know, it’s been a long time, but life sometimes gets in the way of our plans.  My back is still mucho sore, and I dove straight into teaching and work when I got back.  Oodles to do.  Meanwhile, the cease fire is still shaky, though the weekend papers were filled with pictures of kids in S’derot and surrounding areas playing outside.  Would that it was that simple.

The latest on the saga of the Bum Back was my GP doing a bit of acupuncture.  Trouble is, to get to the effected area around the disc, the needles have to go in between 5 and 6 cm.  Yikes!  I admit it: I yipped and yelped like a Yorkie.  The doc surely now thinks that I’m a wimp, but damn!  “Oh, you’re sweating on your back,” he noted.  “That’s an excellent reaction.”  Reaction, my ass.  I was having a hot flash at the time.  Isn’t life fun?

Meanwhile, no sign of the sweet little doggie.  I am so sad when I think of What Might Have Been.  The dog that Almost Was.  I am starting to think that Nadine crept downstairs and opened the gate during the night.  She did seem particularly smug the morning after the dog disappeared…


One response to “Still Alive

  1. Just popping in to wish you well, Leah. Back pain is a major bummer and I hope you can find relief soon. Also sorry to hear your about the little dog. At least you gave it a nice home even for one night.

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