I Need a New Spine

Well, maybe just a few discs:  My back chooses to go out on me at the worst possible time.  I am going through the conference in a haze of pain that astonishes me.  To add to my general comfort, there is a fire alarm last night after midnight.  The hotel has a PA system hooked up through the speaker phones, so we get announcements blared out at us.  Turns out to be a false alarm, but for about 15 minutes I sit there, dressed and clutching my purse, waiting for the order to evacuate the building.

The certificate course is now behind me; most of the students seem pleased and no one throws anything, so I guess it is OK.  The conference officially opens with a very controversial panel discussion, and then the governor of Pennsylvania opens the expo hall after first telling some very entertaining stories.  Turns out that not only is the guy Jewish, but he’s a darn funny public speaker.

Gotta go ice my back.  Think good thoughts for me!


2 responses to “I Need a New Spine

  1. Hang on in there, Leah!

  2. As some one with degenerative disc disease, bulging discs and spinal stenoisis, I can sympathize. I have a great doctor, if you need a referral (or a second opinion). I recommend lots of NSAIDs and heat (not ice). Good luck!

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