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Automatic Cat Box Redux

Save your money:  Here’s an update (make sure to read the customer rant).  Hat tip to Northern LS.

Meet Terri

Uncertain ancestry:  Terri clearly has a lot of terrier in her, but who knows what else.  Her fur is more like sparse, wiry hair, and she is curiously bare on her undercarriage.  For all I know, there could be a little Chinese Crested in the mix.  She has a brindle pattern with dark ears and a big spot on her lower back.

Terri Guren

Yesterday evening, I take her for a walk over to a park on the far side of Givat Ram.  It is a place where dog people hang out, and that evening proves to be no exception. There is a small group of people accompanied by a large German Shepherd, a Pug, and a few in-between mixed breeds.  I can tell that Terri wants to play, but she is unsure, and the German Shepherd looks a bit aggressive.

This morning we head out in the other direction.  I keep Terri on her leash until we get to the open expanse that leads to the Karmiel Trail (the part that goes around the Rabin neighborhood).  She trots happily, doing her business and never getting too far away from me.  Partway along the trail is another park, and we meet Donny, a massive Lab mix with a scull the size of a basketball.  “Is he friendly?” I call.  His human assures me that Donny is a big marshmallow.  I give Terri the nod and she takes off.  Within ten seconds, the two dogs are best friends, tearing up and down the park like lunatics.  It is the first time that I have seen Terri in a full-out run, and I am astonished as she actually becomes airborne.  She reminds me of those little dogs who run the complicated obstacle courses. 

After an energetic romp, we part ways with Donny and continue our walk.  We eventually get home muddy and tired.  So much for yesterday’s bath!  Terri has a long drink and I have to coax her to eat (she still only wants to eat if we hold the food in our hands). 

Return of Miss Doggie!

I have another kid:  We find the little doggie again today!  No lost chances this time—she’s already been to the vet, had her shots, a check-up, and the start of a flea treatment.  She then picked out a snazzy red collar, a new water dish, some treats, and a rawhide chew toy.  She’s been eating well, and she was a very good girl as I gave her a much-needed bath and brush.  Her name is Terri (yes, she’s a terrier of some sort, so go ahead and groan).  She’s full grown but skinny, so we’ll probably plumpen her up a bit from her current 7.5 kilos.  Keep in mind that Nadine weighs about 7 kilos! 

Stay tuned for Terri pictures!

Punctuationally Challenged

Another one for the Hall of Shame: Loyal reader SG from sunny California shares this revolting sign with us.  She eventually went in and tried to explain the problem to the shop owners.  “I doubt that they ever understood,” she says, “but they eventually removed the sign.”  One small victory for literacy!

Watch those apostrophes!

Still Alive

Had you wondering, there: I know, it’s been a long time, but life sometimes gets in the way of our plans.  My back is still mucho sore, and I dove straight into teaching and work when I got back.  Oodles to do.  Meanwhile, the cease fire is still shaky, though the weekend papers were filled with pictures of kids in S’derot and surrounding areas playing outside.  Would that it was that simple.

The latest on the saga of the Bum Back was my GP doing a bit of acupuncture.  Trouble is, to get to the effected area around the disc, the needles have to go in between 5 and 6 cm.  Yikes!  I admit it: I yipped and yelped like a Yorkie.  The doc surely now thinks that I’m a wimp, but damn!  “Oh, you’re sweating on your back,” he noted.  “That’s an excellent reaction.”  Reaction, my ass.  I was having a hot flash at the time.  Isn’t life fun?

Meanwhile, no sign of the sweet little doggie.  I am so sad when I think of What Might Have Been.  The dog that Almost Was.  I am starting to think that Nadine crept downstairs and opened the gate during the night.  She did seem particularly smug the morning after the dog disappeared…

The Almost Dog

Sweet lost pup: Yesterday is the first day that I drag myself out for a morning walk.  My back is still killing me, but my doctor gave me the go-ahead.  It feels odd; my stride is short and my pace is slow.  it certainly doesn’t seem like my normal walk. 

Anyhow, my neighbor and I spy a cute little dog towards the end of our loop.  She is sitting all alone in a parking lot.  She is very thin and dirty, but looks otherwise OK.  Small, some sort of mixed-breed terrier.  She doesn’t need much coaxing to follow us home.  Later, I take her over to the vet and he checks her for an ID chip.  (None.)  The poor little thing is quiet, sweet-tempered, and adorable.  By that evening, I have already decided that I want to keep her.  I get her settled down for the night and she seems happy, but in the morning, she is gone.  (Our yard is not small-dog proof.)  I walk along the same route this morning, looking for her, but no luck.  Very sad.

Flushed with Success

I want one: Northern LS alerts us to this amazing invention, a must for all cat lovers.  Note that this is another fine Israeli invention!  Be sure to watch the video.

Yes, I’m still alive: I know that my long silence has had a few of you wondering if I had been arrested, hospitalized, or kidnapped by aliens.  None of the above, I assure you.  Put it down to the wear and tear of travel.  My back is still causing me agony and I am still recovering from the trip.  Will try to post Philly pics soon.