Russian Shmaltz

Feh!  Russia wins Eurovision.  I stay up way too late to watch.  Boaz at least does not embarrass us, as he ends up in the top ten, garnishing points from many countries.  (Personally, I think he did a great job with a really great song.)  A few surprises: some of the other plastic entries that I expected to do well (Poland and Sweden, for example) ended up near the bottom.  UK finished in a very undeserved last place, while Germany was also at the bottom (and rightly so).  Check out some interesting links here and some very strange statistics here.  What never ceases to amaze me is that for some people in Europe, joke entries like those of Spain and Latvia were clearly the favorites, as they received top points a few times (though still not coming close to being real contenders).

Cool cats and other animals: Northern LS sends us this story about animals getting along, while Central LS has another cool cat story.



One response to “Russian Shmaltz

  1. OK, I checked out the Eurovision statistics, and it was very interesting, but here’s a statistic I don’t get.

    “Believe is the seventh winning song by a male soloist (the ninth winning song, if the Israeli performance of 1978 is not seen as a group performance). ”

    So, if the Israeli perfomance of 1978 is not seen as a group performance, we get TWO new winning songs???? Dang! Leave it to the Israelis to muck things up, I guess!

    Oh, and I love how that Japanese cat is the only female in a managerial position, and the holds the fifth highest position in that train company. Maybe the US Democrats should have run HER against Obama!!!!

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