Countdown to the Finals!

Always a surprise: The second semi-final for Eurovision #53 was last night.  As usual, we end up witha mixed bag.  A few of my favorites made it (Turkey, Croatia, and Albania), but Switzerland is out (too bad—we were overdue for some Italian in the finals) and Malta’s attempt to woo the Slavic bloc with their song “Vodka” failed.  No surprise that the totally plastic glam of Sweden made it, but why Latvia?  Oh, God, why?  I have to be greatful that Lithuania didn’t make it (what was that guy thinking?), as well as Belarus and Bulgaria, both exquisitely awful in their own way.  The true joy of Eurovision is that some of the “serious” entries are much funnier than that those that attempt to be humorous.  The finals are this motzei shabbat, so break out the booze and get ready to party.  Here’s the final lineup in the order that they’ll be performing:

  1. Romania
  2. UK
  3. Albania
  4. Germany
  5. Armenia
  6. Bosnia and Hrzegovina
  7. Israel
  8. Finland
  9. Croatia
  10. Poland
  11. Iceland
  12. Turkey
  13. Portugal
  14. Latvia
  15. Sweden
  16. Denmark
  17. Georgia
  18. Ukraine
  19. France
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Greece
  22. Spain
  23. TBA (wildcard draw to be announced on the night; based on highest losing vote in semi-finals)
  24. Russia
  25. Norway

So that’s it.  If you weed out the jokes (Latvia and Spain), the gimmicks (Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina), sappy ballads (Poland, Georgia, Russia) and the annoying pop fluff (Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, and Norway), there are still a few fun ones out there.  As usual, I’ll probably be surprised at how the voting goes, but that’s half the fun.

See y’all on the other side! 


2 responses to “Countdown to the Finals!

  1. I guess we need an update here. Russia won, with a42 point lead over everyone else. The song was sappy and predictable.

    Oh, well, there’s no accounting for taste — especially in Europe! Of course, no accounting for it here, either, as WE gave them a full 12 points (the largest portion of what we could award).

    Boaz got us into 9th place, though. Way to go, Boaz!!!

  2. Oops, my bad. Position 23 went to Serbia, last year’s winners and this year’s hosts.

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