We’re In!

Boaz does us proud: Amidst the ludicrous, the embarrassing, and the gimick-laden acts, Boaz Mauda stood on the stage and sang.  And it was good… good enough to earn us a spot in the finals this coming motzei shabbat.  See who else got in here.

I’m still alive: My back, which has been bothering me for about a month, got so bad that I showed up at a client site yesterday wearing a brace.  I may have looked like a dork, but the brace got me through a longish day (left the house at 5:30 and got home at 20:30) that included a full day seminar.   The group was fun and energetic, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Looks like I might be wearing this bizarre corset on my transatlantic flights, too…  Wish me luck.


2 responses to “We’re In!

  1. I sympathize with your back issues – it looks I might be heading towards surgery for mine (I’ve been putting it off for 3.5 years, but I think time has run out). Hang in there………………

  2. Leah, I slipped a disc (actually, it’s called a herniated disc) 6 months ago – not fun at all. You have all my sympathy.

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