Monthly Archives: April 2008

Blubber Bunny Birthdays

Happy 14, Miss Thing:  Nadine, like good brie, is ripening.  She celebrates with some salmon pate (which, I might add, had one of the most egregious food-related puns on its label: pate-avon).  She might be fat, lazy, spoiled, partially bald, and sporting some disgusting lumps (the vet insists that they are harmless fat cysts), but she is our little dumpling and we love her to pieces. 

Security Drills

Deja vu:  They’ve been warning us for days that there will be massive emergency preparedness drills all over the country (particularly here in the north) at 10:00, but it still is hard not to react when the sirens go off.

Flip the Bird

Pick a bird, any bird: Yes, you can vote for your preference for Israel’s national bird (assuming that you can read Hebrew).  Personally, I think that this should be our bird: it is noble, plentiful, and nutritious.  Plus, it keeps Gill employed.  Hat tip to Northern LS for the bird voting site; hat tip to nephew Noam for the illustration.

Get global and get going: Here’s another fun site to teach you about the world around us. 

The Sound When Jews Yack

KFC 2008:  Yes, it was once again time for the annual Karmiel Folk Club open mike night, the evening devoted to the talentless, the clueless, and the shameless.  As usual, I write the funny lyrics and Leah Shalek provides the musical talent.  This year, our special tribute to Israel’s 60th birthday was a spoof rendition of the Sound of Music.  We managed to squeeze in seven songs and no one threw anything at us.  Luckily, no one was recording the event.

Anyone have pictures?

Fun ‘n Games

Trivia, anyone?  Y’all know that I tend to remember useless trivia (as opposed to important information).  Here’s one that’s fun.  Hat tip to Gilah.

Mutant Cow-Cat

rear viewNew species or results of radioactive fallout?  A curious creature has been spotted in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Karmiel.  “At first I thought someone had left a large pillow out on the lawn,” said Karmiel resident Shifra Ben Zion.  “But then I saw that it had udders and was grazing.  Also, it was black and white like a cow.  It saw me and trotted inside the house.  Those udders swung from side to side.”

Few others, however, have spotted the animal, which apparently goes by the name Nadine.  “I’ve heard it on the phone,” claimed one source who asked to remain anonymous.  “It sounds like mooing in the background.”

Homeowners Leah Guren and Gill Cohen refused to comment. 

A cautionary tale: Don’t litter with your litter.