Mutant Cow-Cat

rear viewNew species or results of radioactive fallout?  A curious creature has been spotted in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Karmiel.  “At first I thought someone had left a large pillow out on the lawn,” said Karmiel resident Shifra Ben Zion.  “But then I saw that it had udders and was grazing.  Also, it was black and white like a cow.  It saw me and trotted inside the house.  Those udders swung from side to side.”

Few others, however, have spotted the animal, which apparently goes by the name Nadine.  “I’ve heard it on the phone,” claimed one source who asked to remain anonymous.  “It sounds like mooing in the background.”

Homeowners Leah Guren and Gill Cohen refused to comment. 

A cautionary tale: Don’t litter with your litter.


4 responses to “Mutant Cow-Cat

  1. Happy April 1st to you too.

  2. Udderly amazing…

  3. Ew! That cat is a lemon!

  4. You’re just jealous. Admit it — you want to touch those Sugar Bits…

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