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A Somber Day

Yom HaSho’ah: Tomorrow (Wednesday, 30 April) is erev Yom HaSho’ah—Holocaust Memorial Day.  While Thursday is a normal work day, everything will stop mid-morning for the sirens.  It is really something to see everyone stop and stand at attention.   

I finally got around to upgrading the blog, so now I can do podcasting. This is my first attempt, recorded back on 8 April after they did emergency preparedness drills up here in the north and the sirens were going off. Fitting for the upcoming days of serious reflection.

Get Ready for the Big Six-oh

Hatikvah revamped:  Not sure what I think, but they’ve jazzed it up…  Hat tip Northern LS.

Still wondering what to do with all the leftover matzoh?  Try thisHat tip to Northern LS.

Pesach Wind-down

Almost there: We have our last night of Pesach.  One more day of matzoh-munching before we can return to real food after sundown.  Talking to a friend overseas the other day reminded me that Jews outside of Israel have to wait it out an extra day.  Yet another reason to make aliya.

Coffee:  A friend sent me a few postcards that fairly accurately reflect my relationship with the magical bean.
Every morning in this house...

Love that coffee!

One Each Mole Madness

Why we love online translations: Taking a break from the Pesach preparations to kick back and listen to some Eurovision songs.  Turkey is to be represented this year by Mor ve Otesi, a funky young band, playing a song called Deli.  (Check it out for yourself on the official video site.)

Now, I think that Turkish sounds way  cool in songs, but as I don’t understand it, I was hoping to find the lyrics.  They are, indeed, kindly listed.  In Turkish.

Aranıyor sahibi ruhumun
Tam yerine mi düştüm
Direniyor faili tutkunun
Kızmış ve küçülmüş
Aranıyor sahibi ruhumun
Tam yerine mi düştüm

(and so on and so forth…)

Luckily, we have access to the wonders of online machine translation, which is about as useful as screen doors on a submarine.  Since Babblefish doesn’t support Turkish, I found another helpful  site that told me that the band is singing:

right yor off ruhumun Complete instead of mi d?? t? m Resistance agent affected by K? zm?? and k??? lm??  Love nerde?  False d?? lerle pink n One each precipice? m white? one each mole madness One each mole madness. Me b? oh t? n A? latmay?

One each mole madness, indeed.  Ta ever so much for clearing up that  mystery.  At least this explains why our translation department will never go out of business.

Kosher l’Pesach

Is your house ready?  You can never be too kosher, eh?  Hag s’meach v’kasher to everyone, and don’t forget that sense of humor! Hat tip to whoever started sending these around.


Pre-Pesach Pasta Party

Eat that chametz: Yes, it’s time to finish scarfing all the chametz before Pesach.  We worked our way through the pasta and now have some tortillas and pita to finish.  Nadine helps us by gobbling chunks of warm pita.  Hopefully, the carb-loaded diet will give me enough energy to blast through all the kitchen cabinets.

Meanwhile, if you are still trying to figure out what to give as a shai l’hag this year, consider this. Hat tip to Northern LS.

Talk to the animals: Who says that new age wa-wa is just in California?  Here’s a dairy farmer in England who does Tai Chi for his cows and a fireman who does reiki on animals (and says that they talk to him).  He’s also from England.  What’s in the water over there?

Eurovision Update

We’re getting close!  Check the updated page with all my snarky comments about this year’s entries.  Make sure to check out the link to this year’s official Eurovision site and watch the contestant videos for yourself.  More snarky comments are always welcome!  Pick your favorites!  Trash and bash!