Catching Up

While I was gone:  My deranged loyal readers have been flooding my mailbox with spam crap interesting contributions to the blog.  Here are a few of the best:

  • Travel plans?  Here’s what not to do on the plane and here’s the guy you pray doesn’t sit next to you.  Hat tip to Wedgie and Northern LS.
  • Heading to Italy?  Cops in LambosHat tip to bat-out-of-hell-Karen.
  • Getting ready for Purim?  Here’s the most annoying Purim story rap yet.  Check out those Tel Aviv scenes.  Hat tip to several.
  • Tired of the usual Four Questions?  Get ready for Pesach with the manishtana in Klingon, perhaps?  Hat tip to my sister Tracy.
  • Tired of the same old seder meal?  Add shrooms.  Seems that Moses didHat tip to Northern LS.
  • Tired of the Eliot Spitzer scandal?  Try thisHat tip to Central LS.

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