Life in Tel Aviv

New office: My office gets the start of a much-needed face-lift with new aronot(cabinets). The old ones were literally falling apart.  New cabinets are sturdy and attractive, plus since they are custom made, they contain a special cosy sanctuary for Nadine.  Maybe this will get her to leave me alone while I’m on those long STC conference calls.

So it is an exhausting few days of taking everything out of the old units and breaking them apart, cleaning, sorting through things, and putting things back into the new stuff.   Back-breaking, dusty, dirty, and as bad as Pesach cleaning at its worst.  I actually logged 5 km inside the house just going up and down the stairs, hauling, shlepping, toting, cleaning, and sorting.  Only part-way done, but am looking forward to a slicker, more pleasant work area.  The aronot were made by a local business, Jason v’Salim Nagaria (Jason and Salim’s Carpentry), which is one of those great examples of quiet coexistence that you never seem to hear about.  They arrive exactly on time, do a perfect job, clean up after themselves, and are out the door fifteen minutes before their estimate.  One of the guys is particularly bemused by the custom hidy-hole for Nadine.  Miss Thing is still boycotting the new aron, but I hope to win her over to it this Shabbat

The Guru of Graphics: Patrick Hofmann is back with another series of training on graphical literacy for technical communicators.  Being somewhat graphically-challenged myself, I am in awe of his ability to express complex concepts with simple graphics.  The course continues tomorrow, so I am staying down in Tel Aviv and basking in the noise, chaos, and choice of restaurants.  We all think Patrick is terrific, and he continues to be impressed by the level of interaction.  Yes, it is true: Israeli TCs are smart, fast, and unabashedly geeky, and God knows that we aren’t afraid to ask questions and even (gasp!) argue.  A presenter used to training in the Far East might find it disconcerting, but Patrick seems to love it. 


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