The Political Animal

Where did all that stuff come from?  I’m groggy, achy, and slightly stunned.  Yesterday I spend the day dismantling my office to prepare for the new built-in storage.  I can’t believe the amount of stuff that was in the old unit.  It spills over into heaps and piles throughout the house. Nadine, as usual annoyed by any noise or fuss, hides under the covers.

A pig’s life: This little piggy went to a Dachshund…  Hat tip to Gilah.

Worse than a dog’s life: Cats treated like so much garbage in ChinaHat tip to Northern LS, who adds, “Never mind their abysmal human rights record…”

Monkey see, monkey do: Al-Jazeera apologizes for one of their talk show participants having an opinion.  Hat tip to Central LS.

2 responses to “The Political Animal

  1. All I can say is, hooray Wafa, boo al-Jazeera. The rest is predictable.

  2. Wafa Sultan is definitely one of my heros.

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