Grammar Rant

From a real newspaper?!  Sadly, yes.  The team at the good ‘ol J Post still can’t tell the difference between an adjective and an adverb, much less a hyphen and an em dashAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!  OK, I don’t expect Joe Public to know this stuff, based on the pathetic state of education these days, but is it asking too much to expect a professional editor of a reputable, international newspaper to at least be functionally literate?
JP editors are linguistic morons who flunked fifth grade English


3 responses to “Grammar Rant

  1. Since when is the Jerusalem Post a “reputable, international newspaper”? Most overseas sources tend to use the English translation of Ha’aretz.

  2. How about long-established, internationally-known?

  3. Ah, if only these were the least of the mistakes I’ve seen in that paper!

    And then there’s the commercial on the radio, enjoining Israelis to subscribe to the J Post’s youth magazines so their kids can learn English. Is that funny or what?

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