Another Day, Another Dwindling Dollar

The incredible shrinking currency!  Yes, the US dollar continues its spectacular slide into the toilet.  For those of us who do business in one currency based on another, this sucks.  For example, I purchase for some large-ticket items (such as transatlantic airfare) that is priced in dollars, but paid for shekels.  The dollar tanks.  The client reimburses me at the dollar rate.  The dollars are converted back into shekels (leaking funds at ever step of the transaction).  I am out of pocket some NIS 800 (about USD $225).  I can’t complain, though.  The collapsing real estate prices mean that many people are paying more and more on mortgages that are greater than the current value of their homes.  How awful.

Oh, happy day: Omri goes to jail.  And ain’t it about time?  My theory is that he heard that Boaz will be singing Ke’ilu Kan in Serbia, and was so moved that he figured it was time to step up to the plate.  For those of us (and that seems to be the majority) who think that Dana wrote a kick-ass song, it is a happy day to know that we won’t have saccharine 80s-style kitsch representing us at Eurovision in this, our 60th year.  Check out the official Israel Eurovision site, and click the link to turn it into English (1) and then the button on the right (2) to see all of Israel’s entries in Eurovision since Ilanit represented us in Luxemburg in 1973.  There are videos of all the songs.  If you can watch Poogy performing Natati La Chaya and not instantly feel better (I mean, just looking at Danny Sanderson’s hair makes me grin), then you are either under 45 or pathologically crabby.  And check out the baby-faced Shlomo Artzi at the start of his career, or the late great Ofra Haza.  Good stuff.  Mixed in are some of the most horribly embarrassing performances of all times.  Makes you kinda wish we had a Siberia to send people to, eh?  So what are your favorites of all time? 
navigating the site

More music to cheer us up:  The stars come out in LA to shine for residens of S’derot.  Not surprised to see Paula there, since her dad is Jewish (does anyone remember where he’s from?). 

Smile despite the shrapnel: Meet Gila, a funny and smart woman who survived a terrorist attack in Jerusalem in 2002 and blogs about living with shrapnelHat tip to fellow-blogger cba.


5 responses to “Another Day, Another Dwindling Dollar

  1. Gila’s blog is amazing….should be required reading

  2. I totally agree! Send the link to all your friends.

  3. As for the Eurovision songs… I like several of them, but I must admit to a weakness for Shir HaBatlanim (1987).

  4. Actually, according to Paula, both of her parents are Jewish:


    And here:

    Oh, and Elliot Yamin was a previous (season 5) contestant on American Idol. He made it to the final three. Funny, I thought he was Italian. I never knew he was Israeli born.

  5. Uh, oh, in the end it looks like Paula was NOT at the Sderot event.

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