Start Your Engines

Yeah, it’s that time again:  Eurovision 2008 is already in the works as we choose our representative and song.  Boaz Mauda, winner of Kohav Nolad (our local version of American Idol, if you will) was selected last December to represent us.  He’s short and has a very high tenor, but there’s no arguing that yo yo yo, check it out, dawg, y’all can blow, dude

So now we have to pick the song that Boaz will sing at the semi-finals in May.  Five song-writers were invited to submit songs.  Boaz performed all five last night.  A panel of judges (all former Eurovision contestants) makes a decision, plus the public votes.  A straw poll of former Eurovision contestants from England, Germany, and Sweden complicated things.

You can hear all the songs here (there’s an English link, too) and you have today to cast your vote.  Personally, I think that Dana International’s song (number 5) is by far the best.

If a really sucky song wins (like that wretched 80s throwback written by Ovadia Hamamyia), it won’t be just our parrots needing ProzacHat tip to Northern LS.


3 responses to “Start Your Engines

  1. Actually, I don’t understand what you have against the Ovadia Hamamyia song (Here is the Light). I only listened to half of it, but I didn’t find anything particularly objectionable.

    Now, that song Butterflies, well, that’s a perfectly pretentious, predictible, cotton-candy of a Eurovision song if ever I heard one.

    Yes, the Dana International entry (As if Here) is a decent song, but decent songs NEVER win Eurovision. Even Dana herself choose a song like Diva to sing on THAT stage!

  2. Oh, and that was an EXCELLENT impersonation of Randy Jackson!

  3. Yay, Dana’s song won!

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