Woof, woof!

fighting Islamic terror one sundress at a timeRise up barking: Daniel Pipes reminds us of the importance of standing up to fanaticism.  I cannot believe that any people who hate or distrust dogs can be on the right path to spiritual enlightenment. Unclean, indeed.  Considering that you’re a lot less likely to catch something from a dog than from a snot-nosed human rug-rat, labeling canines “unclean” is gross superstition.

Add to this the jihadists almost pathological fear of modern female fashion, and I think that we can come up with the ultimate smart weapon—tiny dogs in frilly dresses.  So how about we air drop a few thousand of these guys on ’em?  Watch out, Al-Qaeda!  Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid.

Miss Bandid looking ready to paw-taySo go ahead. Cuddle your Cocker Spaniel.  Kiss your Keeshond. Pat your Pit Bull.  Snuggle your Schnauzer.  Bond with your Basset Hound.  (And don’t forget to dress up your Doberman.)  Together, we can strike a blow for freedom.


6 responses to “Woof, woof!

  1. Hmmm, haredim don’t like dogs either…

  2. Aha! But they don’t say that dog saliva invalidates your prayers!

  3. Now here’s a protest action I can get behind—and I’m not even a dog person!!!

    PS: Though I don’t think there are too many haredim taxi drivers, I can’t believe that even if there were, they’d refuse service to someone with a seeing eye dog! Jewish law about being kind to people and not embarrassing them would certainly trump any prejudice against the dog itself.

  4. And one needs the perfect doggie carrier for one’s perfectly dressed pooch. Check out http://www.barkslope.com/1401camouflagebed.html

  5. I’ve often been denied taxi service in Karmi’el when my dog/dogs are with me and I’m not sure all of those denying me a ride are Muslims. Now when I call for a taxi and will be taking my animals I say so, so there is no problem. It is very embarrassing even for a sighted person to be refused a ride because of their animal/s.

  6. Generally, the small taxis (Specials) are driven by Russians or Jews. Some drivers weren’t crazy about me bringing cats along, either, so I also notified them that I had a cage with a cat/s in it.

    It’s the big taxis (Sheruts) that are mostly driven by Muslims.

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