sheep alertActually, it is a drab, rainy day and I’m feeling blah.  Cough, cough. There isn’t much newsworthy today, though Central LS submits this new kosher search engine.  (Try some searches for kicks…)

I know that it’s supposed to be spring and I should be feeling like a little lamb, out cavorting among the kalani’ot, but I’d rather bury my head back under the covers and hide. 

Central LS also sent this in via a comment to my previous rant; in case that link didn’t work for you, try this story about cell phone usage linked to salivary gland tumors.  I figured our ears would fall off first…

Northern LS submits this video.  Funny how the international press spends all their time talking about hardships in Gaza but not what it’s like living in S’derot.


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