A Plea for Quiet

Curb your noise!  It is another long day as I trek down to Tel Aviv for an STC (Israel Chapter) administrative council meeting.  The trip home is made even longer by a couple of knuckleheads playing music (and I use the term loosely) on their cell phones.  RANT MODE ON.

OK, here’s the deal.  Even if you are playing something gorgeous, like a nice sexy tenor singing Caruso

Qui dove il mare luccica
e tira forte il vento
sulla vecchia terrazza
davanti al golfo di Surriento…

(you get the idea), I still don’t want to hear it unless I choose to play it (or go attend a concert).  I’m listening to my own music, thank you very much, and listening to something played through the tinny little speakers on your cell phone is painful, to say the least. 

And if you have earphones on but the volume is cranked up so high that the sound is bleeding through to everyone sitting around you, then it is too damn loud.

And if you are sitting in a public place, laughing, shouting, slapping your friends on the head (“Geeeeevvvvvvvvverrrr!!!“), and throwing things at each other is not socially-acceptable behavior in most parts of the civilized world.

It’s called a cell phone, not a yell phone, BTW.  We really don’t want to hear the details of your business deal or argument with your spouse.  Please.  RANT MODE OFF.

4 responses to “A Plea for Quiet

  1. Interesting link – I had a tumour in my parotid gland (benign, thank God) in 1994, well before I had a cell phone. The operation to remove it took SEVEN HOURS, due to the delicacy of operating in very close proximity to the facial nerves. The biggest shock was that my GP told me that it was just a fatty lump. The ENT staff at Nahariya hospital were NOT impressed by his diagnosis.

  2. Glad you are OK, but what an ordeal! Our vet did a biopsy of one of Nadine’s lumps and reported that it was just fat. Or maybe he meant her when he referred to a “fatty lump.”

  3. yell phone !!!! funny

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