Local Warming

Israeli hi-tech humor: Yossi Vardi may look like a farmer, but he is actually a major player in the local hi-tech scene.  Here he is on TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talking about a serious problem.

Israeli hi-tech diet: Most of the tech companies here offer great snacks to their employees.  Here is a glimpse inside the gastronomic world of an Israeli Microsoft development site.

VD update: A few of you were surprised at the “inappropriate” shorthand for Valentine’s Day, but it is an old US joke that is usually well recognized. A further update: shop owners in Saudi Arabia were threatened by the religious police, and warned that they may not sell anything red (roses, red packaging, etc.) for the holiday, as it is  “un-Islamic.”  Seems to me this is the most compelling reason yet to celebrate it…


One response to “Local Warming

  1. OK, that Yossi Vardi talk is hilarious!

    The Microsoft video, though, is taking AGES to load. For an under four minute video, it’s taken almost an hour (it’s still not finished) – and that’s from the MSN site! (It was taking so long on the original site, I thought something was wrong so decided to try the “source.”) What a shame they didn’t post it on YouTube!

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