Road Hazards

We may have goats on the road, but…  no falling mooseHat tip to Central LS.

3 responses to “Road Hazards

  1. This reminds me of a joke which only works in Hebrew, so apologies in advance.

    A Hasid was driving down from Arad towards the Dead Sea, when suddenly a camel fell over the cliff and landed directly on his vehicle. Fortunately for him, there were other vehicles on the road and help was quickly summoned. Eventually he was cut free of the vehicle and despite his injuries, was in an amazingly good mood and was actually singing. Not surprisingly, he was asked for an explanation for this strange behaviour. “I’m so happy,” he said, “because I have finally been able to fulfill the verse “Ashira la’hashem ki gamal alay”

  2. Did you ever see a moose up close? I’m amazed that there’s anything on earth that could spook one!

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