Some Things Never Change

Anti-Semitism in Europe: American wearing a kippa kicked out of cafe in Bruges. Even more disgusting—the gentleman in question was a Holocaust survivor and the Belgium police refused to take it seriously.

Anti-Semitism in Europe, part 2: Poles embrace their long history of vitriolic hatred against us with another church-sponsored near-pogrom.

Anti-Semitism at home: Peki’in, an ancient Jewish village that is now mostly Arab, is only about 25 minutes from Karmiel.

A good time to remember: We are, indeed, a small family, making up less than 0.3% of the world’s population.  AISH reminds us to keep it real, bro!

Speaking of families: Assi (a connection via mutual friends at a large Israeli hi-tech company) captures this images of a new camel being welcomed into the world.  (Best watched in slide show mode.)  Hat tip to Northern LS.


One response to “Some Things Never Change

  1. Really nice video from Thanks!

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