Did You Know…?

Ahoy and oi, matey!  Jewish pirates?  Three dead men and a bottle of shlivovitz.  Hat tip to sister Tracy.

Terminology for our times:  Electile Dysfunction: the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president (or PM).  Hat tip to Central LS.

Morale booster:  The Israel Service Organization (and hey, if ya wanna get a gazillion incorrect Google hits, pick the initialization ISO, you knuckleheads!) has been launched.  Modeled after the US’s USO, the program to use music to entertain our troops.  Hat tip to Northern LS.

How much is that hyrax in the window?  The spring weather brings out big colony of shafan selah (aka hyrax or rock rabbits) basking in the sun.  They look like lumpy guinea pigs and it is hard to believe that their closest relative is the elephant.  Nice to see some wildlife on my morning walk.  Added bonus: a cute little hyrax isn’t going to lunge at you at 70 kph, a la Gustave.


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