Terror in Dimona

It’s started again: Yesterday’s attack in Dimona’s business center ends a year without suicide bombings in Israel.  While we get bashed in the international press for closing borders, the fact is that terror attacks go way down during these times.  Hamas has already claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the two terrorists came from Hebron.  Our guys managed to kill the second terrorist before he could blow himself up.

Mubarak flips the bird: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gives Gaza Palestinians the big kiss off, saying, “Gaza will never be part of Egypt.”  More to the point, he orders some 25,000 police into the Sinai to hunt down any Palestinians who may be trying to stay in Egypt.  The leaky border, which may have been undermined from within Gaza over a period of time, become a press field day when Hamas blew out the wall on 23 January and thousands of Gazans surged into Egypt.  Now it has become a serious Egyptian problem, though the international press doesn’t seem to care much when Arabs kill ArabsColor me cynical.

Some things never change: Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise in Europe.  Cemetery vandalism in Hungary, beit knesset attacks in Western Russia, and even some good ol’ American style stupidity.  But no fear: President Shimon Peres urges us to use Facebook to fight anti-Semitism. Is MySpace not kosher?

The dollar is smaller: It keeps shrinking.  At 3.58 (NIS to USD), those of us holding any US currency in our investment funds are screwed.  If the dollar continues to plummet, we could be facing massive layoffs and economic slowdowns here.  Yet my variable-rate mashkanta never goes down…

My bad, says Olmert: Olmert takes responsibility for war screw-ups, post-Winograd.  But he still won’t resign.


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