Reunion Rumblings

bulldog crestGo, Bulldogs!  Some 30 years after graduating from Seattle’s Garfield High School, classmate Ben Slivka is trying to get a reunion off the ground.  All I can say is the school looks a lot different now than it did when I was there!

On one hand, I am very curious to know what has happened with some of my classmates.  On the other hand, I left Seattle in 1978 and didn’t maintain contact with very many people; I was one of the invisible, unpopular kids.  What will I have in common with people whom I barely knew 30 years ago?

So what do you think about reunions?  Fun?  A waste of time?  Depressing?  Has anyone here ever attended a school reunion?  Do tell… 


5 responses to “Reunion Rumblings

  1. If they will pay for your return ticket, you should go 😉

  2. I’ve only been to my husband’s 20th high school reunion. My only advice is NEVER go to a spouse’s class reunion. Endless discussions about teachers you never heard of (and never want to know, based on the descriptions…), kids you never want to meet, etc. ARRRGGGGHH.

  3. I went to my 20th reunion. I enjoyed it as I got to see many old friends. Of course, I’m also still in touch with many friends from high-school (and even junior high).

    What I loved the most was telling them that I live in Israel. No matter how much I travel or how many people I meet, that never gets old.

    In high school I wasn’t invisible, but I was one of the nerds and I was picked on a lot by many of the cool (or just “cooler”) kids. It feels great to have something *cool* about myself. It’ll be even cooler next reunion now that I’ve been through a war…


  4. There is nothing *cool* about war, especially when both your sons are fighting in it.

  5. No, I didn’t have any sons fighting it, but I myself was in the midst of it.

    A rocket whizzed right over my head as I was standing unprotected (well, actually, hiding behind a bush) outside. One hit abuilding at the end of my street, a few hundred feet away from my apartment. There there are all the other sirens, and all the other times I was caught out of the bomb shelter, or even IN the bomb shelter, scared out of my wits. It was a very scary experience.

    However, in these days when our farce of a government and war-review committies leave us all out in the cold, with no solutions, and the constant fear of a repeat, you’ll have to forgive me for searching for any silver lining in this.

    In any case, I never said that war itself was “cool.” What I say was that I find the fact that I live here and have been through such a thing “cool” — and that’s my right.

    None of my schoolmates live in an exotic country or has been in anything like a war. Hearing about my experiences is interesting to them. It helps them know what Israel is about and what lives are really like over here and that is also cool.

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