Back in the Swing

Jetlag, baby:  Oi!  It really gets me this time.  I arrive Thursday night, teach Friday, and then spend two days feeling like a drugged, hibernating sloth.  I fall asleep during the day (yesterday three times while sitting at the computer!) and then can’t sleep at night.  I find myself staring at the same paragraph of a document, not making the slightest headway.  At least Nadine enjoys my slug-like state; she cuddles up to me and shluffs happily.

Gettin’ flashy with Flash:  This Dutch department store site (HEMA) has been making the rounds.  (Let it load and watch the what the site does automatically.  Best with sound.)  Hat tip to the six different people who sent this to me.

What does your cat eat?  OK, here is a challenge: What’s the strangest thing that your cat loves to eat?  Nadine is insanely crazy about dried apricots.  I once heard of someone whose cat was addicted to the elastic in bras and underwear.  What is your cat’s dietary fetish?

Cold snap: A cold winter rain begins today, and the weather guys are predicting a real cold snap.  This winter, the cold brings a special bushah (shame) as at least one person has already died of exposure.


2 responses to “Back in the Swing

  1. I had a cat named Tortfeasor (she found me while I was in law school) who used to love split pea soup, but only my mother’s recipe. Whenever I would make it, she would scream and carry on until given her share…..

  2. My cat Patches likes beer, cigarettes, and, if I remember rightly, pickles.

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