Home Again

My mom went to Seattle… and all I got was a crummy T-shirt.  Miss Thing looks stylin’ in her Seattle duds.

Nadine in T-shirt

It might not be as fancy as the little dog and cat sweaters and soccer outfits from Bark, a chi-chi little pet store and pet bakery in Seattle.  And no, that is not a place where they bake pets…

The last leg:  The trip home is not without a few snags.  Check-in at SeaTac is a breeze; it takes a mere breathless seven minutes from the time I step through the doors to the time I check my bags and walk away with both boarding passes.  I am in shock.  Another fifteen minutes and I am through security.  Stunned, I know that my luck can’t last.  And sure enough, the smooth trip comes to a screeching halt in Atlanta, where I get stuck for about six hours.  Apparently, a window has fallen out of the plane and they need to replace it and then pressurize the cabin to make sure that the seal holds.  “Y’all don’t want it poppin’ out at 30,000 feet,” is the laconic comment from one of the Delta crew members at the desk.  Ah, yeah.  We’ll wait, ta ever so much. 

I wander about, trying to stay awake, when suddenly I hear someone calling me name.  It is a group of engineers from one of my client companies, on their way back from a trade show in Atlanta.  “I just sent you email!” I tell one of the guys.  “I know,” he says, “I just saw it!” 

Happily, the flight itself is uneventful.  With a strong tail wind, it takes only 11 hours (compare to the 13.5 hours on the west-bound flight).  My bags pop out in the first few minutes on the baggage carousel, and we are on our way home in minutes.  I even manage to sleep a few hours before getting up again and heading back down to Tel Aviv for my Friday class.  Still, it’s good to be home.


2 responses to “Home Again

  1. hooligan_squirrel

    Do you want me to knit a warm sweater for Miss Thing?

  2. Notice how the shirt doesn’t even cover her belly. What a lemon!

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