Temperate climate, you say?  That’s what they call Seattle, but it has been well below freezing every night for the past few days.  The frozen puddles never quite thaw during the day, even though the temp gets all the way up to about 5 C.  Step into a shop, strip off hat, scarf, gloves, jacket.  Remove sunglasses.  Find tissues to cope with the nose that starts instantly dripping with the temperate change.  Ready to go?  Put on scarf, jacket, and hat.  Look for gloves.  Take out sunglasses.  Put them down to continue looking for gloves.  Find a waste basket for the (now soggy) tissue.  Find gloves (hiding in a different pocket).  Look for sunglasses.  And so it goes…  I don’t know how people cope. 

I see dogs out, trotting happily along despite the chill.  An adorable little pug is prancing along on its leash, and it amiably accepts some pats from me.  Further along, a Jack Russel (named Jack, naturally), comes out of one shop and trots into the next one.  I go into a pet supply shop to find a sweater for Nadine, but am not willing to spend $30.00 (no kidding). 

Today I wrap up my visit and get ready for departure tomorrow.  I’ll be happy to be home, just in time for another predicted storm front to move in.  Should be fun coping with the Tel Aviv commute… 


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