Brrrr in Bellingham

I can’t feel my tush:  The temperature in Bellingham warms up to a few degrees above freezing.  An icy arctic wind sweeps through the city.  My feet go numb, my fingers turn stiff and clumsy, and then I lose sensation in my butt.  How the hell does anyone live in this frozen wasteland? 

Well, one of those crazy people is my oldest sister, Denise, who is pretty darn tough.  Anything short of a hurricane or blizzard and she’ll be out there, walking or doing something outside.  Brrrr!

I’m ready for some Karmiel sunshine!

2 responses to “Brrrr in Bellingham

  1. Ah, the sunshine is c-c-c-cold in Karmiel. We’re actually praying for rain to warm things up! Daytimes are a little better as the weak sun *does* manage to warm things up a bit, but it has been very windy here as well, lately, and nights and early mornings are fridgid with a capital F!

  2. Your in Bellingham! I’m in Bellingham. I check in on your blog from time to time and yes, it was cold yesterday with the wind. I took a walk along the Bay and had to stop in at Woods Coffee for a warm up!

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