My Cat’s a Lemon

Obstacle to packing: Nadine suddenly twigs that I’m leaving.  She stares at the suitcase and the piles of clothes, and then glares at me.  “You’re leaving?” she seems to meow. “You’re leaving me here alone?  Well, yes, Abba will be here with me, and he’s a soft touch for snacks, but…”  She follows me around, screaming at full volume.  I give her tuna.  She gobbles it and, five minutes later, is back to screaming at me.  Gill tells me that when I travel, Nadine actually gets quite chummy with him.  Seems that I’m the First Lap of Choice, but, in a pinch, her “abba” will do.


One response to “My Cat’s a Lemon

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to call her a prune? I mean, she may be dafook, but she IS still sweet. Plus, prunes are dark and have lots of folds, which kind of look like rolls.

    Instead of calling MY cats lemons, you can call them Durians.

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