A Stormy Start

Rain, thunder, and a tornado?!   Yup, that was actually a funnel cloud over Tel Aviv Thursday.  But Friday dawns clear; I see the stars and a slip of moon as I leave the house at 5:30.  But by noon, the skies have opened up again and it is pouring rain.  I get a ride from the classroom to the train station, but still get home pretty muddy and soggy.  Gill’s bike ride on Shabbat is also a mud-bath.

It’s raining Qassams: S’derot has been getting pounded by Qassam rockets fired from Gaza.  Almost every day for the past 18 months.  Every time we send troops in to try to take out the launch sites, we get slammed as the aggressors in the international press.  Now, Qassams are little mortar rockets that don’t look too scary, but they are quite capable of killing and maiming, as residents of S’derot have learned.  On Wednesday, residents of Ashkelon were shocked to be hit with a Gra’ad Katyusha (like the ones fired on us during the Second Lebanon War) fired from Gaza.  This is a much bigger, more serious rocket that traveled 13 km deep into Israel.  Our intelligence indicates that there are only a handful of Katyusha rockets in Gaza, but are we supposed to sit around and wait for Hamas to fire them at our cities?   It isn’t a very great way to start the year.


One response to “A Stormy Start

  1. I knew all about the Katyusha attack, it was all over the CBC news.

    Oh wait, no it wasn’t…

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