The Circle of Life

Meep Good-bye, Meep:  Our friends’ 18-year-old cat, Meep, passed away peacefully in her sleep.  Meep (so named for her odd-sounding meow) had a good life, and was blessed with a loving family, a safe home, and lots of good food.  Too many cats and dogs never experience that. 

Hello, Lucy: We gather at Gill’s sister’s place for a mass birthday celebration.  Me, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and the twins, all had December birthdays.  Also on hand is the newest member of the family, lovely Lucy, a powderpuff Chinese crested.  One of the twins, Rona, gets a remote-controlled car for her birthday, and Lucy goes nuts chasing it around the mirpeset.  Here’s the little fluffball in all her four-kilo glory.



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