Oi vey, Ohrwurm!

Earworms, anyone?  The Germans first coined the term Ohrwurm (the annoying phenomenon of having a song or jingle stuck in your head).  It is almost never something musically glorious, like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor (though I once had “O We Like Sheep,” from Handel’s Messiah, with the added bonus of wilfully misinterpreting it into a nudge-nudge, wink-wink Vaudeville line).  Usually, however, an earworm is some idiotic commercial or theme song from a sitcom.  I end up with I Am Cow running through my head for about two days straight.  It is very hard to focus on what your client is saying when you are thinking, “I am cow, eating grass, methane gas comes out my ass…”  But I was surprised to learn that there is a connection between earworms and creativity.  (And check out this article from Wired.) 

So tell me: what song has been running through your head?  The bitu’ach yashir jingle?  Who Let the Dogs Out?  The theme music from the original Star Trek series? 


3 responses to “Oi vey, Ohrwurm!

  1. Actually, I heard “Unto Us a Child is Born” a couple of days ago (from Handel’s Messiah)….but ever since my husband told me he thought it was “Unto Us a Chinese Dog” when he was a child – it hasn’t been quite the same……….

  2. Fortunately for me, my memory’s getting so bad I can’t remember enough songs for one to stick…

  3. recurring ear worm chez chiperoni:

    “So I say thank you for the music” by ABBA

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