Too Tired to Think

Work, work, work:  I’m at various client sites almost every day this week.  Busy, busy.  It means that normal household stuff is getting ignored, and I’m spending way too much time traveling.  Here’s what I have decided:

Options Pros Cons
Driving You can control your time of departure and your route, stop along the way as needed, blast your own music, make phone calls without annoying other people, or just enjoy peace and quiet. You also don’t have to sit next to any hygiene-challenged people. Traffic, stress, and dangerous drivers.
Trains You can shluff, stretch your legs, read a book. Loud people. Crowds. The rudest passengers in the world who block the doors when you are trying to exit (Hof haCarmel is the worst!).

Holiday alert!  Watch out for Santas running amok in New Zealand. Hat tip to Central LS.

Open mouth, insert foot:  This time it is Will Smith who comes up with an astonishingly stupid comment.  Hat tip to Northern LS.

Arab Christians pay the price:  Ever since the PA has taken over Bethlehem and Nazareth, more and more Christians have been driven out by Moslem violence.  In fact, Christian Arabs enjoyed more protection and security under Israeli law than under PA law.  Yet recently, some churches internationally have been blaming Israel for the demographic shift! Aaron Klein has the story.

Further proof that the UK is not yet ready for the EU:  They believe in UFOs.

2 responses to “Too Tired to Think

  1. At least you have the choice of mode of transport. I have to be in our office in Tel Hai tomorrow, and the only way is a two and a half hour drive each way. Still, if there is any snow on the Hermon, I can pretend that I enjoyed a white Xmas… 😉

  2. This just in (and I hope it’s true, because I really like him) Will Smith comes out fighting:,2933,318219,00.html

    While the example he used *still* was not the wisest choice, it seems he was the victim of an “out of context ambush.”

    I’ve seen this sort of thing happen a lot. In this case I tend to side with Will Smith, because:

    1. Having seen him for years in interviews, etc., his choices, approach to life, and work ethic have always been exemplary and a GOOD example to others.

    2. He didn’t come out with some sniveling “after the fact” apology. Instead, he came out decrying what the pirahnas did with his comment.

    3. The guy’s just damn good-looking and I’m gonna give him the benifit of the doubt this time cause I don’t wanna stop watching his movies!

    4. If I had to count the times in my life that *I* said something stupid, or made a poor choice of an example…

    5. Did I say he’s damn good-looking?

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