Kerb Your Goat

You can’t do that in public:  Nu?  So where are the goats supposed to do it? Who comes up with these laws?

Peace and quiet: Idl Ad-ha (feast of the sacrifice) ends last night, so we hope that the surrounding Arab villages will stop having all-night parties for a while.  I’m all for cultural diversity, but not when it cuts into my sleep.

The dangers of Dilbert: You could lose your job.  What is this, the Taliban?

All quiet on the Western front:  I guess everything is shut down in the Old Country, what with the Xmas lethargy.  I recall sitting in a meeting at a client site a few years ago.  The engineers were trying to call the site in Silicon Valley, and there was no answer.  “It’s not Sunday, right?” asked one guy.  We all shake our heads.  “And I didn’t get the time difference wrong, right?”  We all quickly do the calculation and assure him that it should be early in their work day.  Finally, one guy says, “Maybe it is an American holiday or something: is December 25 anything?”  Took me days to stop grinning. 


2 responses to “Kerb Your Goat

  1. Reminds me of the time I was in graduate school, a year or two after I made aliyah.

    Before the lecture began, I wrote the date at the top of the first page. I then realised with great delight that it was Christmas–and I hadn’t noticed it at all until then!

  2. I personally love the fact that we march along to the beat of a different drummer (or at least, to a different calendar) than the rest of the world!

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