Survival of the Most-watchable

Survivor, look out!  How many seasons of Survivor can you watch?  Now that Channel 10 has aired the first episode of an Israeli version, things are getting fun again.  We stay up way too late to watch.  What makes it different from the American mega-hit reality show?

  • 20 people instead of 16, so more competition from the get-go
  • 52 days instead of 38
  • no personal gear allowed at all (they had to abandon all their gear and jump in wearing their street clothes)
  • all this for a measely million shekels (about USD $260,000)
  • army-fit guys wandering around in briefs, not boxers
  • one tribe doing kiddush and hamotzei before their first tribal vote
  • singing around the campfire means Eyal Golan instead of American pop
  • all the bickering is in Hebrew

The madrich guy is far more annoying than Jeff, so we’ll see how this plays out.  If nothing else, it is pretty entertaining to watch some hi-tech manager try to use a bow and arrow.


3 responses to “Survival of the Most-watchable

  1. I personally hope to avoid it totally. This won’t be too difficult, as half of the episodes are broadcast on Friday night.

  2. Yes, but the reruns are on motzei shabbat.

  3. I totally enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of the American version, and this one wasn’t a bad copy. This one will be a bit harder for me to follow though, when they start whispering in Hebrew.

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