Use Your Brain

shark hoaxPut your logic in gear!  I am often amazed at how otherwise intelligent people suspend all logic and reason when they sit down in front of the computer.  Case in point: a friend sends me some pictures and a story of a one-ton great white shark that towed (and almost sunk) a boat near Gray’s Harbor, Washington.  But the water in the Pacific Northwest is far too cold to support a great white (even with the ubiquitous El Niño running).  The snout shape is wrong, the dorsal fin wrong, and the story has more than a whiff of “Internet apocryphal.”  Two minutes of research is enough to confirm that this story, circulating for over two years, is, in fact, a hoax.  Don’t get me wrong—I wouldn’t want to run into a Maco (short-finned or otherwise), but let’s get our facts straight. 

When in doubt, check it out.  Snopes is a great source, and just using your noggin is often enough!

A tribute to moms everywhere:  Big chuckles all around from these basic truthsHat tip to whoever sent this to me.  I’m having a senior moment and can’t remember…

Speaking of senior moments:  We polished off a bottle of kava in honor of my birthday. I’m sure that it killed off my few remaining functioning brain cells… 

Bindy KittyBindi-boo (redux):  Nadine gets festive with a red jewelled bindi in honor of my birthday.  I take the rest of the pack with me to my Tel Aviv class on Friday, using them instead of gold stars.  Four students (those who had the best solutions to an editing challenge) end up with a bindi on their foreheads.  One poor guy heads out to grab a quick felafel during the lunch break, forgetting that he is walking around like a extra from a Bollywood dance scene.  Luckily, this is a group of youthful, energetic, and very clever students, so they are quick to see the humor in the situation.


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