Punctuate Me!

Ambiguity:  TC World, the magazine put out by Tekom (a European technical communication group), has both interesting articles and curious gaffs.  This month’s offering is this curiout pull-quote:

“Without management support integration becomes an oxymoron.”

Not quite a squinting modifier, but without a critical comma, it is almost impossible to know how to parse the sentence:

  • Without management, support integration becomes an oxymoron.
  • Without management support, integration becomes an oxymoron.

Don’t leap to any conclusions: support integration is an accepted database concept.  Further proof that the optional comma demanded by TC best practices is really important!

Oh, really? Gill brings home a small package of wasabi peanuts.  The label warns, “May contain peanuts.”  Hmmmmm….


2 responses to “Punctuate Me!

  1. eats, shoots and leaves…

  2. Ah, yes. Still, my favorite argument on the necessity of closed punctuation is the author who wrote, “I wish to dedicate this book to my parents, Ayn Rand and God.”

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