Another Perspective

Simon Deng speaks out: Read Deng’s excellent piece about Bishop Desmond Tutu’s denouncement of “Israeli apartheid” in the Jewish Advocate.  Deng, a human rights activist and himself a victim of persecution in the Sudan, takes Tutu to task over his anti-Israeli rhetoric.   Hat tip to Central LS.

More hail damage: Last week’s storm is still making its effects felt.  We discover that not only is a blinker broken on my poor little Ignis, but that the solar collection panels on the roof (for all four townhouse units) are smashed. I hadn’t noticed until this morning that the hood and top of my car are dented, as if someone has gone to town with a ballpeen hammer.  Oh, well.  I’m not such a car nut that I can’t drive a dented vehicle.

Pick your pack animal: Alpacas or llamas?  After my visit to the alpaca farm at Mitzpeh Ramon, I can tell which is which.  Anyone have a llama or alpaca story to share?


One response to “Another Perspective

  1. What Simon Deng has to say is very powerful. As a member of the worlwide community it makes me ashamed that the world has stood by and done nothing all these years.

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