Storm Warnings

Another day of wild weather:  An Egged bus overturns on the Akko-S’fat road near Karmiel, a 4.2 earthquake hits around 11:20 this morning (epicenter at the Dead Sea), hail triggers cluster bombs in Lebanon, and a fisherman gets struck by lightening at the beach near Gesher Achziv (also in the north, in our area).

I brave the strange weather and head out for the first day of training at one of my client sites.  The engineers are funny, noisy, and hard to control.  I need a whistle…

Garbled English:  I loooovvvvve to collect examples of mangled language on signs, product packaging, menus, etc.  Here are a few new items:

The contract between name1 and name2 we send for translation in Russian the contract will be built from two sides.  One side will be in Russian and the second side will be in English, the factory not odorized by a goverment low to sign on English Document’s so the agreement will be built from two side and it will take a couple of day’s, for your knowledge.

Oh, those dratted factories that aren’t odorized by a government…  Hat tip to Central LS.

And there’s never a dull moment with an endless supply of Chinglish:

slip down carefully

Hat tip to former student Irena, who found it on this Russian blog.


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