Look Out, Eurovision!

Why Palestinians don’t do Eurovision:  Check out this Hamas-sponsored boy bandHat tip to Northern LS.

Do you have a license for that amphibian?  Toad licking is back in the news.  And don’t miss the full story and video.  Thank goodness that cat sniffing hasn’t been banned.  Yet another hat tip to Northern LS, who should probably get back to work now.

Worst commercial of the year:  Anyone caught the El Gaucho ads? Sweet cow standing in a field. Cheerful male voiceover introduces us to Gabriella, the nicest cow in Argentina. Suddenly, we are seeing steaks on a grill, and the voice is saying, “Gabriella is waiting for you at El Gaucho.” Nooooo!!!!  If anyone finds a link, let me know.  Meanwhile, even our old dairy commercials are better.

Nolad Lirkod: New season.  More delusional auditions.

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