Live from Budapest

Happy anniversary! I’m in Tel Aviv for a short training session, so Gill and I take advantage of being in our cultural mecca to go out afterwards and celebrate.  We try a trendy little pan-Asian eatery (excellent veggie pot-stickers) and then it is on to the opera house.  We see an opera company from Budapest presenting highlights from light opera:  Strauss, Offenbach, and some virtuoso gypsy fiddling.  It is an evening of sausage curls, satin, corsets, and patent leather shoes.  The women were dressed up, too.  I’m not a great fan of Lied and German light opera, and I can almost hear the cholesterol clogging our veins.  One soprano tackled an aria from Der Fliedermaus that damn near shatters my opera glasses.  But in the second half they switch to Hungarian shmaltz, and the men trade in their Viennese waltz tuxedos for skin-tight pants and high boots.  The company is youthful and energetic, and many of the singers also dance.  They pull out every cliche in the book, but with enough humor to keep it entertaining.  Gill is enthralled; no plot to worry about, no tragic deaths, and no pasta-fed diva waddling across the stage.  It is almost 01:30 when we stagger home, but worth it.


One response to “Live from Budapest

  1. Happy (belated) Anniversary! Glad you had such a nice time. Great description of your opera experience, too!

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