Life in Karmielingrad

Menu, anyone?  About ten years ago when the Russian aliya (immigration) was at its height, someone jokingly dubbed my city, Karmiel, Karmielingrad.  Since about 40% of the population is made up of immigrants from the former Soviet Union (primarily the Ukraine), this made sense.

I try a new cafe today with a friend when our usual spot is jam packed.  Here’s the menu.  ‘Nuf said.


One response to “Life in Karmielingrad

  1. hooligan_squirrel

    The funniest thing with this menu is that the “Russian” side is mainly not a translation but a translitteration of the Hebrew one. Mekupelet, afukh, shoko, shokolata… Oh, I got the picture: it is for those who nearly forgot Russian but can’t read in Hebrew.

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