A New Family Member

Meet Lucy: I haven’t even met her myself, but this little cutie-pie is the newest cousin for Nadine.  Faithful readers will remember that Sheila, my sister-in-law’s dog, went missing several months ago.  They finally decided to get a puppy. 

This fluffy little love bundle is actually a type of Chinese Crested, the same breed that produced the late-great Sam, many-times winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog competition.  In fact, Lucy’s dad was a “normal” Chinese Crested (all bald save those ridiculous tufts of hair on head and tail).  Gotta love genetics.

American beauty:  My own sugar-doodle performs a little cheesecake.  Blurry picture due to my frantic dash to record the evidence with my cell phone.  Bald belly, porcine proportions, lard-filled lumpy growths, and a paw pose that is somewhere between a Castro district limp wrist and a Thalidomide wave.  It all adds up to irresistible.

American Beauty


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