Sukkah Competition

Vote for your favorite!  Send a comment with the number of your choice.  You are welcome to cite your reasons.

#1: Bracha’s Peace Sukkah
Step-by-step Origami instructions can be supplied upon request!  Remember, Bracha is situated right at the northern border.  During the Second Lebanon War, she had a steady stream of ketusha rockets sailing over her head from Hezbollah firing positions inside of Lebanon.  Granted, that doesn’t have anything to do with Sukkot, but it makes her peace theme that much more impressive.
Bracha’s sukkah

#2: Leah and Gill’s Why-do-you-have-a-plastic-aligator? Sukkah
And don’t forget the styrofoam mangos… 
Leah and Gill’s sukkah

sukkah detailSpecial features include shlocky Chinese party streamers, a flag, and a functioning yard light.  The light is just part of a series of yard lights and it just so happens that we can conveniently build the prefab sukkah around one of the lights.  At night, it provides enough illumination without having to run any extension cords, etc.  What you are not seeing: stuffed chicken, generic household bracha, paper chains made by the twins, and various magnets stuck on the frames. The schach sags more and more each year, creating a special engineering challenge. And in case that’s not enough, here’s Nadine in the sukkah…
Nadine in sukkah

…and Nadine with an etrog
Nadine with etrog

#3: Tracy’s “it looks professional” sukkah
OK, you could say that my sister Tracy has a bit of an edge in the competition.  Being a rabbi (and therefore always hosting tons of people during all the chaggim), plus being extremely creative and artistic, her sukkah is gorgeous.  Here is one outside view…
Tracy’s sukkah

…and here’s the other side…
Tracy’s sukkah

…and an inside shot…
Tracy’s sukkah, inside

…another inside shot…
Tracy’s sukkah, inside

…and the star of the show, guinea pig Mocha, sitting on the etrog box…
Mocha with etrog box

So those are your choices.  I am disappointed that only a few people submitted pictures, but maybe we’ll have a better turnout next year!  Voting is open through 8 October, so vote early, vote often!


3 responses to “Sukkah Competition

  1. They’re all lovely, but I think I have to vote for Tracy’s.

  2. sara shonfeld

    I loved tracy Sukkah and i even had lunch there with Tracy , Elishah and good friends. It was lovely . Mocha on the Etrog box looks like a lion or some sort…I loved it ! So cute , funny and gorgeous Sukkah .
    So …..That is my choise of course….hehe…

  3. All the succot are lovely in their own way. I’m voting for Mocha instead, as I’m partial to Guinea pigs and I’ve never seen one in a succah before. Whiskey and Squeaky, of course, concur with this vote.

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