Goodbye, Sharon…

Another traffic accident victim:Israeli technical communicators bid farewell to Sharon Sabag, killed in an accident in the Arava on Monday.  Sharon did both TC and Marcom writing. 

Putting the Al-Dura myth to bed:After years of using the video of that little boy cowering behind his father as a tool of more anti-Israel propaganda (despite findings from international investigations that proved that the bullets that killed him were fired from Palestinians, not Israelis), the full story is finally out and it is worse than mere journalistic bias. It appears that France 2 (the state-run TV station of France) actually participated in staging this video.  This footage has been responsible for many terror attacks (jihadists killing Jews in the name of Al-Dura) since it was first aired in 2000.  France 2 is guilty of propagating this story, knowing that they were pouring fuel on the fire.  Here’s the story in Hebrew and in English (which, unfortunately, doesn’t have as much detail).


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