Playing Chicken

Get back to work!  The chicken-on-rabbi kapara site has proved so popular that some of you seem to have spent the day playing!  Hmmm.  (If you were wondering, the text roughly says, “After thousands of years of the kapara ritual, they decided to seek revenge.  This Yom Kippur they are here. Grumbling and pissed off.  Revenge of the chickens.”  Then, the directions are to set the force and angle and throw your kapara!)

Stop the real kapara: It is a practice continued by a tiny minority of ultra-orthodox, but I agree with the animal rights groups that want to end it 

Boom, boom, boom goes the bass drum: Well, actually, it is artillery fire in the distance.  I have to think that it is ours.  Nadine is shluffing quietly, so I’ll take my cue from her.  It’s a side-effect of the war: Pavlovian conditioning at its worst.

Site down? Ever wonder what is really going on when you can’t access a favorite website? Hat tip to former student SM.

site down


4 responses to “Playing Chicken

  1. I agree, the chicken kapara ritual should stop. It borders on voodoo! I’ve heard of some crazy things in my life, but who’s idiotic enough to think waving a a chicken over your head is going to absorb your sins? Why a chicken? Why not a pheasant? Or a bunny rabbit? Why not something sensible like a cockroach? NOBODY’S going to object to slaughtering a cockroach…

  2. Except for the fact that ritual slaughtering wouldn’t work for a cockroach – they can live for up to a month when they are headless!

  3. Yes, but ritual “munching” DOES work. Here’s how it goes:
    1. Shake the cockroach over your or a loved one’s head to absorb your sins.

    2. Place cockroach in a secure room with my five cats.

    3. Place your bets (must be done VERY quickly or before tossing cockroach into room).

    4. Watch as one or more cats ritually munch the cockroach to death.

    This method is advantageous for several reasons. First, it is guaranteed to rid you of sins (automatic entry to heaven for killing a cockroach). Second, it provides a good source of protein and fun for the cats (also an automatic in to heaven for kindness to animals). Third, it is good holiday fun. Fourth: Killing cockroaches, killing cockroaches, killing cockroaches; nuff said.

    Bets can be placed on: speed in which cockroach is caught and/or killed; corner of the room it happens in; which cat does the catching/killing, and whether or not said cat whacks another one to get the bug.

    Personally, I think it would be a VERY successful new family tradition.

  4. PS: Of course the secure room must have an observation door or window or else there’s no use betting…

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