A Not-so-peaceful New Year

Zikkim under fire: IDF base Zikkim gets hit by two Qassam rockets at about 1:30 this morning.  Current casualties have over 60 soldiers injured.  Palestinian apologists like to talk about Qassams as “ineffectual, homemade weapons.” Let’s see how they address this.

Quietly going crazy: After a night of strange dreams (and a few nightmares), I feel the need for something a bit stronger than my usual cuppa.  I reach for my little espresso maker (one of those Italian stove-top pots) only to discover that it’s gone AWOL.  Gill helps me search through all the cabinets, but it is truly gone.  When did I last use it?  Did highly selective burglars with a penchant for kitchen gadgets make off with it?  This feels like a Twilight Zone episode, and I fear that it will affect my whole day. 

Follow the directions: sharp-eyed student Ralph submit’s this gem of mangled English.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually carry dills on me.

telecard directions


2 responses to “A Not-so-peaceful New Year

  1. Somebody obviously didn’t mind their p’s and q’s (and yes, I know that the apostrophes are wrong…)

  2. Somebody dyslectic obviously has trouble with their b’s and d’s…Happy new year, Leah!

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