Feline Addiction Syndrome

Olives, anyone?  I expect Nadine to make a fuss and beg for handouts when we eat cheese, bread, eggs, or fish.  (Well, pretty much anything other than fruit and veggies.)  But green olives?  She’s been exposed to them all her life, as they are a staple item here, but for some reason, she discovers them as if for the first time.  Now, at the ripe age of 13, she suddenly develops a mania for olive juice. 

It all happens when I carelessly leave out the lid of a plastic container that held olives.  There is nothing on it.  But Nadine sniffs it, licks it, and soon is rolling on it ecstasy.  She clutches it in her front paws and rabbit-kicks it enthusiastically.  I have only seen this behavior before in certain cats exposed to catnip (a substance that Nadine can take or leave).  But green olives?  The olives themselves do not interest her as much as the container.  Finally, after an energetic five minutes of drooling, rolling, and generally looking like an idiot, Nadine settles down for a nice shluff, still hugging the plastic lid.  She looks blissful and smells faintly of olives.

I have a strange cat. 


2 responses to “Feline Addiction Syndrome

  1. Actually, my cat Patches has actually licked pickles before, but then he likes beer and cigarettes, too.

    Ah, and don’t use this as an excuse to make lame cracks about my lame, I mean, WONDERFUL cats!

  2. I had a cat who liked salad dressing and pea soup (but not together). Who knows what goes on in their furry little brains…………………..

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